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TRIDEA is an online travel agency based in Limoges. Its purpose is to increase the choice of destinations for small and medium-sized airports.

At TRIDEA we use a method called Ā«virtual interliningĀ». This consists of combining two flights of different airlines, to create a route that is not available in direct flight. By combining low-cost airlines with traditional airlines, we can offer flights up to 10 times cheaper if you are a borrower with partner airlines. But it allows us especially to develop destinations and connections with flights from small and medium airports.


If you want to buy a ticket on, you will need to create an account on our site. This will allow us to gather the essential information to be able to emit your e-ticket. At TRIDEA we sell exclusively economy class tickets.

An e-ticket is an electronic version of your usual ticket. It's downloadable in PDF format on any type of device.

Both solutions are possible: You can print your ticket or simply show the PDF version on your mobile.

It depends on the airline which you will travel with: some propose it, others do not. If you need to do this change contact our support by email at or by phone at 0 805 111 963.

With self-connecting flights, a flight date change will inevitably delay the other flights on your trip. If you need to do this change contact our support by email at or by phone at 0 805 111 963.

Generally, low cost companies do not offer this kind of service. On the other hand, it costs between 40 and 70ā‚¬ in most cases.

Just go to the airport with your ID and your tickets.

The flight price is calculated in relation to supply and demand. If demand increases, then prices are re-adjusted. The prices offered by an operator can thus evolve several times a day.


Most of the time, when you buy your ticket, you get free hand luggage. However some companies have different baggage policies. These will be specified when you purchase your ticket.


Hand luggage: It is usually called a cabin accessory. This is actually a small backpack / handbag that you can carry with you during the flight. Be careful not all companies offer this option.

Cabin baggage: The cabin baggage is intended to be stored in the compartments provided for this purpose in the cabin of the aircraft. It is usually a small suitcase. Be careful, its size varies according to the airlines. At TRIDEA we are particularly attentive to the luggage policies of each company, we want to be sure that you are properly informed about the dimensions of your luggage.

Checked baggage: This baggage is larger and lighter than cabin baggage. Generally it can weigh up to 23 kilos. As the name suggests it is intended to be placed in the hold of the aircraft. You will need to give this baggage to the airline during the check-in, so that it can be registered for the flight and placed in the cargo hold.
Combining dimensions: Since with TRIDEA you're likely to travel with two different airlines, you'll be subject to two different baggage franchises. In other words, on each flight, the weight and size of the baggage requested, may vary. So that you do not get bothered by this constraint, at TRIDEA we search for you the weight and dimensions of the luggage according to the restrictions imposed by the companies. We calculate then, a global dimension for your luggage, which will respect the constraints imposed by the two companies.
As a result, you can travel peacefully and be sure that your luggage is not too heavy or too big for the next flight.

If you need to have more luggage contact our support by email at or by phone at 0 805 111 963.

The flight

Buying tickets with TRIDEA includes a guarantee. This assures you a solution in case of a correspondence issue.

Regarding delays, contact us and we'll find another flight to your destination.

If there is no available flight, we'll find accommodation so you can take another flight the next day.

If we haven't contact you yet, please contact us by phone at 0 805 111 963 ( free call )

Get your e-ticket and identity papers (ID or passport depending on your destination)

Miscellaneous information

Moonshot-Internet insurance is an option when buying tickets on TRIDEA.

If you subscribe and your flight is delayed, you'll automatically receive lounge access or a link providing compensation.

You can subscribe to this insurance while checking out. All you need to do is to select flights for which you want it.

TRIDEA has a 24h / 24 assistance, you can reach us on our free number 0 805 111 963 in case of emergency.

For other information, send us a mail at

1 Avenue dā€™Ester, 87280, Limoges, France.
How to contact us: +33 (0) 805 111 963

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